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Giraffe and a Safari car in akagera National Park, Rwanda

Emmy Shingiro

Akagera National Park

About Akagera National Park

Located in Eastern Rwanda along the border with Tanzania, Akagera  comprises savannah, wetland and mountain ecosystems. The Park's relatively recent development and its size - 1,112 square kilometers- allow for a more intimate experience of wildlife.

Drenched in sunlight, rolling hills covered with golden grasses stretch around you as you drive through the savannah. Suddenly, the crown of an acacia tree begins to wave, the branches part and a majestic elephant appears. Soon it is followed by a herd, with several calves trotting along. Further along the path, the striking sight of a rhino awaits-or, perhaps that of a lion, or a leopard. Indeed, since their reintroduction into the Park, the Big Five have been thriving. In addition to game drives, a range of exciting activities, including boat tours, fishing and camping are available in the Park. Let yourself be tempted by this one of a kind experience.

A herd of elephants in akagera National Park, Rwanda

Game Drive

Going on a game drive allows you to enjoy the flora and fauna in the Park. You may choose to reserve the services of a tour operator or opt to go for a self drive. Day visits take place between 6 am and 6pm. Night drives are also available and are operated by the Park.

Boat Tour

A boat tour on Lake Ihema offers visitors and bird lovers a chance to appreciate the Park’s wetland ecosystem, take a safe look at hippos and crocodiles, and photograph the abundant wildlife.

Boat tour on Lake Ihema with elephant in the backdrop, Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Rwanda Development Board

Terrace with view over Lake Ihema at Ruzizi Tented Lodge, Akagera National Park, Rwanda


Camping in the Park is another rich experience available within the Park. You can prolong your visit by staying at one of the several campsites, which range from luxury eco-lodges, to basic facilities for the more adventurous.

© Scott Ramsey 

Sport Fishing

For sports lovers, Lake Shakani provides the opportunity to fish and roast your catch on site! We recommend bringing your own equipment.

View of Lake Shakane, Akagera National Park, Rwanda
Herd of impalas in a field of yellow flowers,  Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Walk The Line

Get a first hand experience of community life around the park by joining a local guide for a 7km walk on their daily patrol along the Park’s fence.

Behind The Scenes Tour

This innovative activity provides a window into the Park’s day-to-day operations. Meet with rangers, expand your understanding of conservation and local community development and watch the K9 anti-poaching unit in action.

A ranger and his dog from the K9 unit at Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Mathieu Courdesses

Vegetable display in a local market, Rwanda

Community & Cultural Experiences

Developed by the Park in partnership with local communities, these activities give you a chance to connect and get a hands-on experience of culture through a village walk, milking cows, cooking, traditional fishing and making imigongo art.

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